Latino Boosting Exercicios Em Casa

Here’s a really neat suggestion. Why don’t you do your exercicio em casa instead? After trying it for a few weeks, you don’t need to thank us. You can say obrigado to your personal trainer instead. We suggest this, just to be polite, because by the looks of things, he might be Brazilian. Oglala! What are the odds of that, girls? Fancy a bit of extra meat on the bone, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, if you don’t mind us saying so, ma’am.

Here’s another neat suggestion. Give yourself a real, meaty Latino boost and cancel your annual gym membership altogether. Because, here’s the thing. Aren’t you just tired of putting up with all that crappy music they play out for crying out loud blaring at you for the whole forty five minutes to an hour of standing in line to get onto your favorite circuit training equipment already. That is a botheration, second to none.

It’s counter-productive to your muscle boosting and fitness targets. It’s debilitating and a real let down where motivation is concerned. You get more oomph out of your workout when you’re listening to music you fancy and music that you’re in the mood to get up and go for. So, you’re into the Latino beat for a while. Time to samba, or to rumba, take your pick. You can tango for all we care. Whatever floats your boat.

Beethoven? Bach? Okay. Like we said. It’s all over to you. And you’ll get more done at home too. You’re not waiting in line the whole time. You’ve done your twenty reps; you take the necessary few seconds’ breather and straight onto the next twenty. See, no sweat. Speaking of which, no sweat, really, only yours. If you’re not putting up a sweat then something doesn’t smell right. You’re not really working out, right.

exercicio em casa

Anyway, you only need to put up with your own sweat. Not the nauseating pongs of the gym. They can say what they want about their state of the art air conditioning, but stand in line next to a short, overweight stranger and you’ll soon smell all about it. There’s a concern that needs to be cleared up before we go. Let’s clear the air, shall we. Yes, you can open the window; you are at home after all. Folks seem to believe that they are not going to be able to bulk up their muscles if they do mat exercises at home.

Well, you would be surprised. Just go through the online video that your new, handsome personal trainer has put together for you. Yes, there are specifics too. Some of you have made advancements, so you still need your stationary weights. You can build your own home gym at home too. You’ll need a bit of cash for this project but in the long run, it’s going to work out a lot cheaper than annual gym membership fees and the usual disclaimers that come with it.

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